Loh Keng Fatt

You have seen commercials where Vivian Lai touts beverages for Pokka.

Now, you can visit a bubble tea shop run by the 42-year-old.

Called Teabrary, it is located in Esplanade Xchange and her star power and on-site presence have drawn queues.

The business also has branches in Cambodia, China and Taiwan.

Mediacorp host Lai told 8 Days that she brewed up the venture here since Singapore is “a hot, summery country (and) so it makes sense to sell drinks here”.

She is a hands-on boss, revealing that she sampled “thousands of cups for R&D till my stomach hurt”.

“I have been coming down to the shop to help with the operations after my filming. I do washing up, and I have mopped the floor,” added Lai who was recently in the news over her husband’s woes.


Her husband Alain Ong Eng Sing was deputy group chief executive of Pokka Corporation (Singapore) and chief executive of Pokka International before he was removed last September following internal investigations.

In August, it was reported that Pokka had sued Mr Ong, alleging that he was part of a conspiracy that has caused the drink maker to suffer at least $10 million in losses.

Reports then said Lai was under immense stress from the public, and media, scrutiny.

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