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We spared no expense and effort to develop our own blend of base teas.  A good quality base tea is necessary for any delicious beverage as it influences the ‘bite’, bouquet, body and finish of the drink. Instead of masking the tea with artificial favours, colours and seasoning – we choose to bring out the best tea has to offer. Every recipe at Teabrary is created to accentuate the various tea flavours.

Our base green teas and oolongs are cultivated at above 3000 feet above sea level as the growing conditions of cold nights and misty peaks slow the growth of the tea plant and results in a higher concentration of oils and more intense favours.

From our carefully selected Assam Valley Black tea to our famous Taiwan No.12 Jing Xuan Tea, regardless of which outlet you go to, you can expect the natural and richer flavours of our premium tea brewed to perfection.

“I believe that everyone deserves the joy from the taste and aroma of tea grown at high altitudes even if it costs us a lot more.”
– Vivian Lai, Founder and Executive Director.

Teabrary Assam Valley Black Tea


Teabrary Taiwan No.12 Jin Xuan

With our high quality freshly brewed premium tea base, the next important ingredient for a great tasting creamy milk tea is the creamer. We invested considerable resources to develop our own high-quality creamer that complements our tea base. The end result – a smooth creamy milk tea, probably the best in town.

Teabrary Signature Milk Tea with Black Pearls

In our Research and Development laboratory in Taiwan, the key to a delicious cheese foam is T.I.R.

TIR stands for Technique, Ingredients and Recipe. A good cheese foam can only be created with sound technique, fresh ingredients and a balanced recipe. After months of trials, we decided on ingredients from New Zealand and named it “Cheesiato”.

Our cheese blend is a balance of savoury and sweet and is a primer for our tea. It is meant to elevate the nuances you can taste in our tea. Take an initial sip of our cheese before enjoying the rest of the tea – taste the difference.

Teabrary Premium Green Tea Cheesiato

Teabrary Garden Strawberry Green Tea Cheesiato

Teabrary’s Fresh Fruity range is packed with fresh fruits and juices. We do not use flavourings, colours and other preservatives in our Fresh fruity range. Enjoy a delicious drink packed with vitamins and antioxidants to keep your immune system strong!

“A cup of Fresh Fruit Tea a day to keep the doctor away!”
– Alyssa Yu, co-Founder and Executive Director.

Teabrary Signature Fruit Tea

Teabrary Iced Pineapple Tea

Update: 24 Oct 19.
Thank you for your support. We are SOLD OUT for this drink. Do bear with us as we work to bring in more of these to satisfy your needs.

There are two ways to draw out favours from tea leaves; using hot water or seeping it longer at a lower temperature. Cold-brew uses the latter to draw out more favours and antioxidants but with fewer tannins. The result is a smooth and naturally sweet-tasting tea but without the astringent qualities of hot water brewed tea.

Studies have shown that cold brewed tea extracts are more effective in scavenging free radicals that contribute to age-related diseases. Our Teabrary cold-brewed tea uses the very best tea leaves and is brewed for at least 8 hours before it is made available for sale.

A limited quantity is made for sale each day, grab your bottle now!

Teabrary Garden Raspberry Rose Oolong

Teabrary Premium Taiwan Jin Xuan

Considering the heavy resources that the founders and their chef spent on developing Teabrary’s Artisanal Crafted Dessert tea, It is comforting to witness the raving reviews and excitement generated by these drinks. It is one of a kind and will remain as one of Teabrary’s most desired products. We are very encouraged by this fact and will continue to work with the best chefs to develop more exciting varieties of dessert tea products in the future!

Teabrary Milk Tea with Creame Cheese

Teabrary Green Tea with Ume Jelly

Teabrary Green Tea with Strawberry Jelly

Teabrary Yuan Yang (Milk Tea + Coffee Jelly)

Brown sugar pearls milk tea originated from Taiwan. It is not surprising that our Taiwanese founders consulted their elders for the know-how on how to make brown sugar pearls. Armed with the traditional recipe, what you taste at Teabrary is their take of a nostalgic drink in Taiwan.

Teabrary Fresh Premium Milk with Brown Sugar Pearls

Our Warm-Up series is our take on the classics in the beverage industry. Using the best ingredients like the pricey Shizuoka matcha powder and Arabica beans, we believe in staying true to the Teabrary values of bringing only the best to our customers.

Teabrary Sicily Coffee

Teabrary Shizuoka Matcha Latte

Teabrary Tea Latte (Assam Valley Black Tea)

Teabrary Cafe Latte